Year in Israel

Yeshiva Inclusion Project

Since the fall of 2014, LGBTQ yeshiva alumni have begun coming together to discuss and compare their post-high school, gap year experiences in Israel. This dialogue and sharing of information and experiences related to the LGBTQ-friendliness of different programs, led to the birth of the Yeshiva Inclusion Project (YIP), which serves as a resource for LGBTQ Orthodox students applying to Israel yeshivas and seminaries.


• Israel School Guidance

YIP aims to provide individually tailored guidance and support for high school seniors to enable the most positive and supportive Jewish gap-year experience possible. All guidance is based on our research, conversations with Yeshiva hanhala (administration), and the collective experience of past LGBTQ students.

Prospective students and educators are invited to contact us for guidance on how to achieve a welcoming and meaningful gap-year experience.


• Shabbat experiences in Israel

YIP has recently expanded to include the “AnyQueer in Israel” program; a resource designed to provide gap-year students with a list of queer and ally shabbat hosts. Gap-year students can reach out to pre-vetted hosts and experience shabbat in a safe and accepting environment. 

*Want to host JQY gap year students for shabbat? Visit to apply today. 


• Connecting current Seminary/Yeshiva students

Additionally, YIP serves to connect current queer gap-year attendees informally and formally, through the JQY app community groups and through organized dinners in Israel during the year.    

Attending an Israel gap-year program and want to find other JQY-ers doing the same? Been on an Israel gap-year program and want to find other queer people from your year? 

Download the JQY App to join one of our gap year group chats! Click on “Community Groups'' from the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner, and find your Israel year!



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