Virtual Support

When home is not the safest space to be yourself, JQY is there. 

As the world responds to COVID-19 with important safety measures that include staying at home and sheltering in place, it is important to think about the young people who rely on resources outside of their homes to be themselves. LGBTQ teens from Orthodox, Chasidic, and Sephardi/Mizrahi homes are more likely to face homophobia and transphobia in their households. The majority of JQY participants are not yet "out" to their parents. They often rely on their "chosen family" at school, on campus, or at JQY events for the opportunity to be their full authentic selves. The Coronavirus pandemic has temporarily taken away these spaces, and so for these young people, the quarantine at home can present serious challenges, risks, and dangers. JQY crisis and support resources are needed more than ever.


JQY is meeting these challenges by making our Drop-in Center completely virtual and accessible even for teens who can not speak out-loud or access video connections at home. Now our Drop-in Center can be accessed by those outside the New York area and is available to teens around the world. Our recent Virtual Drop-in nights have had participants from all over the US, as well as teens from as far as England, Israel, and Brazil! Our youth are now able to tap into a global community of friends, allies, and support.

The JQY Drop-in Center staff (above)


Our crisis line, run by specially trained mental health professionals can respond both by voice and text message. Our confidential social media support groups have become an oasis of support where teens can safely connect with friends from around the world. We have been creating and sharing affirmative queer Jewish content that can be accessed at any time, on and offline.

Contact our crisis line at (551)JQY-HOPE (551-579-4673).


We have recently launched our "Closeup Conversations" series – a special small group initiative where we focus on specific challenges that LGBTQ Jewish youth may face in the Orthodox world. Our message to teens is clear: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

JQY relies on the support of our friends, allies, and alumni. The national shut down has made many small nonprofits particularly vulnerable, and JQY is no exception. We have had to cancel all in-person fundraising events and have experienced a significant dip in personal donations. We know that our teens rely upon our programs and therefore stopping any of our crisis resources is simply not an option. We need your help now to ensure that these lifelines remain open and able to meet the needs during these uncertain times. 

A donation to JQY is an invaluable gift to those who need it most, but a donation today would mean that no virus, sickness, or emergency can ever stop unconditional love. Please click here to support our efforts during this time. We thank you for your generosity. 

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