Share your simcha

A JQY initiative in partnership with Abbie Sophia


Queer youth from Orthodox homes rarely have the chance to celebrate queer Jewish simcha. And, one of the hardest parts of being a queer teen from an Orthodox home is not being able to envision a future for oneself. 

"Share your simcha" is a new JQY initiative to bring as many community celebrations and smachot to our youth as possible. While it might not be practical for everyone to invite all JQYers to their actual occasions (for example, to the actual wedding, bris, etc.) we can certainly continue the celebrations and invite our youth to celebrate with the community. It is our goal to bring light, happiness, and hope to our participants and community in a new way.

How it works:

1. Fill out the form below with details of your upcoming simcha

2. JQY will reach out to you to discuss the details of what you would like your seudat simcha (celebratory meal) to look like

3. Together, we will create a seudat simcha for you!

4. JQY will invite JQYers to join in your Jewish queer milestone  

5. JQYers will be able to experience communal joy today and picture a possible Jewish queer future.

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What type of event will you be having? (i.e. is this a wedding, bris/tekes berit, b mitzvah, etc.) Is there anyone else you will be celebrating with? ( i.e. a partner, child, etc.)
For example, are you interested in something that is or feels similar to sheva brachot? Would you like to recreate a smaller version of your simcha to be celebrated with JQY youth? Tell us what you're thinking!
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