Our Mission

JQY (Jewish Queer Youth) supports and empowers LGBTQ Jewish youth with a special focus on teens and young adults from Orthodox, Chassidic, and Sephardi/Mizrahi communities. JQY fights to ensure the emotional and physical health and safety of this population. Our goal is for all these individuals to know: You are a valued member of the Jewish community and you are not alone.


LGBTQ youth from Orthodox, Chasidic, and Sephardic communities often feel alone, isolated, and silenced; many are forced to choose between remaining in the closet or leaving their faith.


We address the unique needs of our members through social and support programming and advocacy and education efforts. JQY continues to build a community where individuals can come together to both confront their challenges and celebrate their triumphs.


JQY is a place where every person is valued and cherished. We celebrate the uniqueness, resilience, and strength of each of our members, and through our programming, individuals begin to understand ways in which their Jewish and LGBTQ identities can coexist. With JQY, each individual comes to recognize and appreciate the beauty of their own light.


JQY is a place where every person is empowered to shine their brightest.


You are not alone.